Storage Tips


  • Make an inventory of all items in storage and keep it in a safe place.
  • Place items that you may need access to often in the front of the unit and allow for a walkway to the rear of the unit just in case you need to get to something in the back.
  • If possible, use pallets to raise your belongings off the floor and improve air circulation.
  • Do Not Store Anything Flammable.
  • Purchase storage insurance.
  • You are responsible for insuring your belongings.
  • Use a good heavy duty lock.
  • We recommend using disc type locks.
  • Check your unit frequently.


  • Use markers to label boxes for easy identification.
  • Empty all food items from containers.
  • Do not store perishables.
  • Pack boxes full, but still easy to lift.
  • Wrap dishes and glassware in paper or bubble wrap and store in good sturdy boxes.
  • Wrap pictures and mirrors in cardboard and stack them on end.
  • Disassemble tables or tear down bed frames if possible to save space.
  • Use the height of the unit to your advantage.
  • Stack items such as boxes.
  • Place lighter boxes on top.
  • Stack empty totes, boxes or crates inside each other to save space.
  • Place TV’s VCR’s and other valuable electronics toward the rear of the unit.
  • Leave doors on freezers or refrigerators slightly open to help prevent mildew.
  • Cover your items with sheets, blankets or moving pads.  (Do not use plastic to cover items)